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  • Portgas D.Eros

    New World Pirates

    December 16, 2010 by Portgas D.Eros

    In your opinion do you think that in the new world would have pirates that aren't a yonkou or part of yonkou crew that are stronger pirates like Marco,jozu,ace or that are able to confront the admirals or do you think that the strongest new world pirate are only part of a yonkou crew or their allies????????????????????

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  • Portgas D.Eros

    We know that Color of Armaments Haki users are able to hit the body of a person despite his devil fruit is logia,paramecia, or zoan but can haki users combine their devil fruit with haki i mean for example Kizaru wasn't able to hit Marco in a fight because he was in his phoenix form but could Kizaru combine his lasers with Color of Armaments haki power so he could hit Marco despite his Devil Fruit or another example if enel could use Color of Armaments haki could he hit luffy despite he is rubber or if Ace used Color of Armaments haki could his logia stands against the logia of Akainu

    Whats your opinion for that ??????

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  • Portgas D.Eros

    i was thinking , the admirals are named world government greatest power for your opinion what amount of bounty do you get if you beat in a fight one of them personally i think that the person who can beat a admiral can get a bounty of berry also the same question is for the vice admirals they're incredible strong haki users also i think if you beat an vice admiral like momonga or onigumo ( except garp that is a legend ) you get a bounty immediatly a bounty of 320.000.000 berry

    what do you think???????????????/

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  • Portgas D.Eros

    The eleven supernovas

    November 20, 2010 by Portgas D.Eros

    I'm curious to know what have became know the supernovas (except luffy and zoro)personally i think that they became strong new world pirates.I think X.Drake have became one of Kaidou best fighters,Kid have became a strong pirate in its own, Basil Hawkins and Law i think they have became shichibukai but for the other i don't know.

    whats your opinion for the supernovas after two years.......................

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  • Portgas D.Eros

    Marco vs Blackbeard

    November 17, 2010 by Portgas D.Eros

    Who do you think is now the fourth emperor Marco or Blackbeard and also who do you think is stronger between them?????????????????????

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