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Is anyone else, like me, waiting for Franky's fight to continue?  Honestly I think hes going to reveal a new weapon, maybe a coup de vent that comes from his chest or or he grows bigger gaining more armour, what are your opinions on this? What weapon do you think Franky will use to defeate Sinor Pink?

Also I don't think Rebecca will join the crew, sure she has the requirment of "I have a sad story" to join the crew but, wouldnt that be a dick move on her part if she did join? "OH DAD I finally remember I have a father after so long of being alone. I missed you so much... oh yeah by the way im going to go be a pirate now LATERS". and if her dad left that would be the same situation. But again, tell me your reasoning as a way the might be able to join the Straw Hats?. then theres the 2 year training they all worked so hard on and here comes a new guy who hasnt trained as hard. I do want a woman to join the crew because its turning into a smerf situation. 

Bartolemeo is fighting alot beside the staw hats and actualy wants to join right off the bat but lacks that requirement of that sad backstory that everyone else has on Luffy's crew, honestly this kinda reminds me of Franky, he was fighting along beside the straw hats alot, though, again, he had the sad backstory so WHO KNOWS. it wouldnt be too bad if he joined, I would look forward to new barrier constructs that he could create, also looking forward to Franky if he has a new weapon inside him, I really hope he does, like a never ending swiss army knife.