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I went back and watched highlights of the alabasta and i couldnt help but motice that some wernt using their powers to their full potential. Miss valintine and Mr 5 imparticular.

if miss valintine threw a punch while weighing 10,000 kilograms (roughly 11 tons i think), imagen how much damage a punch that much could do! Or even stomping could off ballance people. Her only concern would be sinking into the ground, but even then she could change her weight mid punch before it connects, 11 tons of force impacting something could obliterate a lot, and increase that with speed... dear lord, it could punch a hole in a pascafista (maybe, who knows).

Mr 5... his snot bomb could of been avoided, maybe using spit wads? You get more ammo, shoot more at once and is less gross. Speaking of pit, if he had a weapon, like a sword, he could lick it and it would explode on impact, or even using a pipe for a huge spit wad would be equal to a rocket laurncher, best part the ammo is papper, and with his long jacket, he wouldnt have to worry about running out (just about blowing his supply up)if he removed his shoes he could use explosions to manover around could call it "bombing run". Any fruits i should anslyze next? Or any fruits you thought of that wernt used to the full extent? Leave a comment