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Rewatching episode 490, I noticed that Jewelry Bonney's ship is done in a theme of sweets/food, even though I only saw a corner of it, it was obvious it was such and big Mom's ship was also food themed. What I am saying is there might be a connection to Jewelry Bonney and Big Mom, both have similar (although not cannabilism) eating habits of food obsession and gluttney.

you may agree or may not, just posting my opinion, if Im right, YAY, if Im wrong, then oh well. I look forward to see if I am, tell me your opinions? maybe about that girl with three eyes if she has a devil fruit or just a special species of human like the long arm tribe or long leg "last of her kind" sort of thing?

Let me the Professor Know your thoughts!

Picture: Bonney_Pirates_Ship.png

Picture: Big_Mom_Pirates%27_Ship.png