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  • PolarKoalaBear

    Devil Fruit 2

    April 13, 2015 by PolarKoalaBear

    Ok same challenge again only this time with a new devil fruit, for those of you that dont know the challenge is that I say a devil fruit and you guys can come up with a new creative attack or ability for it, I think this would be perfect timing sense we are all unctuously waiting gear 4 with many many speculations. goodie

    Your knew fruit is the Gasu Gasu No Mi or Kilo Kilo No Mi, YOUR CHOICE.

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  • PolarKoalaBear

    Hey guys another fun activity for you all.

    This time, I will say a devil fruit and you guys post in the comments a new attack that could be used with it, e.g Kilo kilo no mi, and I would say "2 ton punch" followed by a short explination.

    Lets start off with the MERA MERA NO MI. because its fire and theres no shortage of things you can do with it. challanges will get harder as the weeks go on. be creative!

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  • PolarKoalaBear

    I went back and watched highlights of the alabasta and i couldnt help but motice that some wernt using their powers to their full potential. Miss valintine and Mr 5 imparticular.

    if miss valintine threw a punch while weighing 10,000 kilograms (roughly 11 tons i think), imagen how much damage a punch that much could do! Or even stomping could off ballance people. Her only concern would be sinking into the ground, but even then she could change her weight mid punch before it connects, 11 tons of force impacting something could obliterate a lot, and increase that with speed... dear lord, it could punch a hole in a pascafista (maybe, who knows).

    Mr 5... his snot bomb could of been avoided, maybe using spit wads? You get more ammo, shoot more at …

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  • PolarKoalaBear

    Two fruits

    March 2, 2015 by PolarKoalaBear

    Ok everybody!! Heres a fun activity. Lets say blackbeard was able to absorb two devil fruits because of his body (Im not saying it is!!)

    If you could eat two devil fruits, what would they be and why? I would like to see creative answers :)

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  • PolarKoalaBear

    Big Mom

    January 24, 2015 by PolarKoalaBear

    Rewatching episode 490, I noticed that Jewelry Bonney's ship is done in a theme of sweets/food, even though I only saw a corner of it, it was obvious it was such and big Mom's ship was also food themed. What I am saying is there might be a connection to Jewelry Bonney and Big Mom, both have similar (although not cannabilism) eating habits of food obsession and gluttney.

    you may agree or may not, just posting my opinion, if Im right, YAY, if Im wrong, then oh well. I look forward to see if I am, tell me your opinions? maybe about that girl with three eyes if she has a devil fruit or just a special species of human like the long arm tribe or long leg "last of her kind" sort of thing?

    Let me the Professor Know your thoughts!



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