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I've had soooo much drama in my flat today, and I was feeling really down, and then I opened my laptop and found that I still had "We Are!" Strawhats version playing from earlier and it has turned my entire day on it's head and spun me on a dime! :D

SO! OPwikia, what is your favourite OP opening? I'm torn between "One Day" and "We Go." The reasons are because I watched the entire anime first, before I went back and read the manga, so I encountered these when they started, and I didn't know anything about the story after those points. "One Day" just summed up the story at that time, IMO, Impel Down and Marineford are so perfectly reflected in it for me! But "We Go," I thought that OP was going dark, after Ace, WB and Sabo all dying, and everything that did to Luffy, I thought that it was going to be so much more serious, and then you hear those opening bars, and it's like a promise that, yeah, things were sad for a while there, but it's still OP! The adventure, the laughs and the sheer glee of the manga was all still there, with so much thrown on top! So, yeah, they're my fav's!