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Plainblack October 14, 2013 User blog:Plainblack

Rewatching episode 483, it's got all my favourite moments apart from the other ones, but one of the best is the scene with Sengoku and Garp. I love it, I love what it says about Garp, who'd seemd so hard throughout the war, and about the relationship between him and S'goku, they're two of my favourite characters.

What I'm asking is, if Garp had been allowed to go after Akainu, does OPwikia believe that in the chaos of the war, Garp would have been able to kill Sakazuki if we remove S'goku stopping him? All the other marines and the WB pirates act accordingly, but S'goku doesn't stop Garp.

I do. Don't fuck with the Fists of Love.

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