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Look, I know that this isn't a normal blog, but I need a hand and no one I know reads One Piece, so I'm asking you lot for a little help, please!

You see, I have this Fanfiction in the works, it's an idea I really like too, but apparently I haven't a notion of what other people like cause no one ever seems to enjoy my fics, but I think this one is a brilliant idea. It's a For Want Of A Nail fic, that centres around this pretense;

The Strawhats never meet. Luffy never meets any of the crew and none of the others come into contact with one another. They travel their own paths dealing with the repercussions of this fact.

The fics working title is 'Alone' and I have Luffy's part of the first two chapters drafted they just need some going over, Zoro, Nami and Usopp's first parts drafted and I've had a look at Sanji. That's really when I decided that I needed to figure out if anyone would like this becuase it's going to be a huge undertaking on my part with each chapter after the third likely exceeding 20,000 words! I finish school for good June 20th and I'm not due to join the Navy until January next year so I'll have all the time in the world since all I'll be doing is working, but I thought it would be sensible to check with some people who actually read the manga to see if you think it's any good. I can give you some details on what I have planned for each individual character (none of them come into the story until the moment when they diverge from canon, as in when they don't meet Luffy) though be warned, I'm having a little block with Franky, I've had some ideas but none have stuck.

So, yeah, all in all, tell me if you think it's worth my time. If you don't, I'd really like to know cause I have other stuff I could be getting on with if this is destined to be a flop. Not sure if a blog like this is allowed, but I'm not self-promoting, not really, just testing the waters...