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Right, I know this blog has likely been made before numerous times, but I want to hear your opinions for myself. It's been ages since I made a blog and I'm gonna keep this brief.

Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach, is so far the only character in the story to possess two Devil Fruits. Judging from the widely held notion at the beginning of the story that this was impossible, it hasn't happened in living memory either. There are many, many theories out there for why this is, why only Teach can do it. Now, I'm all for speculating, that's what Oda wants from us, but there is one F*@King theory that really irritates me.

"[Teach's] body is... odd." 


Firstly, Marco isn't an authority on this sort of thing, this is the equivalent of a WMG, he just throws it out there, but the number of people who just assume that this is suddenly fact is ridiculous! His bodies practically mundane by OP standards, Kuma's torso is an enormous tumor, Newgate was 9-10 metres tall, Moria has horns, wings and stitching holding the skin of his neck together, Teach is just a fat man! He has a devil fruit that has already been proven to affect others DF's,but people dive on the idea that through the use of a second stomach he somehow ate the Gura Guro no mi out of Whitebeards dead body! 

So, as a change of pace, I'm asking for actual guesses, crazy as you please but ones with a vaguely rational (by OP standards) string of thought through them are best, as to why Teach gets to have his cake and eat everyone elses.

A.N. This is not a blog about Blackbeard's body! Far as I'm concerned, that theory is debunked.

Peace, Readerland!!!