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    Ambiguous Drake

    November 7, 2013 by Plainblack

    Just a little question, I've read two different versions of the cover to 727, one names Drake a Captain, which while not proving his independence from Kaido, at least allows for it. The other dubs him Commander, which makes it much more likely that he's a subordinate of Kaido.

    So... anyone know which it is?

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    I've had soooo much drama in my flat today, and I was feeling really down, and then I opened my laptop and found that I still had "We Are!" Strawhats version playing from earlier and it has turned my entire day on it's head and spun me on a dime! :D

    SO! OPwikia, what is your favourite OP opening? I'm torn between "One Day" and "We Go." The reasons are because I watched the entire anime first, before I went back and read the manga, so I encountered these when they started, and I didn't know anything about the story after those points. "One Day" just summed up the story at that time, IMO, Impel Down and Marineford are so perfectly reflected in it for me! But "We Go," I thought that OP was going dark, after Ace, WB and Sabo all dying, and ever…

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    Fists of Love

    October 14, 2013 by Plainblack

    Rewatching episode 483, it's got all my favourite moments apart from the other ones, but one of the best is the scene with Sengoku and Garp. I love it, I love what it says about Garp, who'd seemd so hard throughout the war, and about the relationship between him and S'goku, they're two of my favourite characters.

    What I'm asking is, if Garp had been allowed to go after Akainu, does OPwikia believe that in the chaos of the war, Garp would have been able to kill Sakazuki if we remove S'goku stopping him? All the other marines and the WB pirates act accordingly, but S'goku doesn't stop Garp.

    I do. Don't fuck with the Fists of Love.

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  • Plainblack

    720 Review

    September 4, 2013 by Plainblack

    I've never done one of these before, but I feel there is a lot to talk about in this chapter so I'm going to give it a whirl :) I read the chapter on mangareader this morning (cos mangastream took it's sweet time) but I'm going to be rereading while I type, cos they're the type of reviews I always enjoy reading most.

    Front Cover, and it's Caribou and co. to the rescue! I knew he was a big softee at heart... apart from the ruthlessly murdering people thing, but if we can forgive Kidd, then...

    (A.N, mangastream has some awesome color pages of Drake and the ultimate post-timeskip moment, "I got on... the wrong ship!" XD love it!) Anyway...

    At the Coloseum. We get a run down of our three winners all looking very impressive, and then loads of peop…

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    Blackbeard, the Enigma

    September 2, 2013 by Plainblack

    Right, I know this blog has likely been made before numerous times, but I want to hear your opinions for myself. It's been ages since I made a blog and I'm gonna keep this brief.

    Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach, is so far the only character in the story to possess two Devil Fruits. Judging from the widely held notion at the beginning of the story that this was impossible, it hasn't happened in living memory either. There are many, many theories out there for why this is, why only Teach can do it. Now, I'm all for speculating, that's what Oda wants from us, but there is one F*@King theory that really irritates me.

    "[Teach's] body is... odd." 


    Firstly, Marco isn't an authority on this sort of thing, this is the equivalent of a WMG, he just thr…

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