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    There's a lot of discussion of new newkama, or crewmates, in the New World Saga (second half of OP). Currently the main characters under discussion are Kinemon, Momonosuke, and Jinbe. I believe that these characters will probably end up joining the Straw Hats, not as crewmates, but as formal allies. Currently, the Heart Pirates are the Straw Hats' only formal allies but this is probably how the New World operates. We saw at Marineford that Whitebeard had a plethora of New World allies, each with their own crew. This was part of what made the Whitebeard Pirates such a threat to the Marines/WG. At the same time, these crews were not regarded as part of Whitebeard's family of crewmates. I think it would be hard to be regarded as part of Luffy…

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