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Perdoneu, però algú ho havia de dir!

Hi amics! (no, not "amigos" <.<) This is my fourth blog and, if you have seen my preview ones, you can guess what happens today: 4 lovely years in Wikia :3 This year's blog is what the title says: "I'm sorry, but someone had to say it!" (Catalan humour, don't mind me ~~) Yeah, there are a few people who I wanted to say something since some/long time ago, so here I go:

  • Hungry and SHB: I won't never stop talking about Catalonia till we get what we want. You could even ban me a whole year, that after this year, I would continue talking about it, if we hadn't got it yet. *serious*
  • Nova and II: yeah, I may not know how to act like a bitch, but don't worry, I'll ask you advice if I ever need to act like that, since you seem to know about it ;)
  • Jade: slapping you with a calçot was funnier than fakekicking Fin all time. I have to do it more often :3
  • X and Staw: yeah, maybe my country isn't free yet, but at least we have hope for a near better future. Not sure about yours.
  • Besty and MDM: or "viva la revolución" or "vive la revolution" or "visca la revolució". "Viva la revolution" is wrong, you idiots =_= :3
  • And the rest: I don't plan to change myself of how I am, so not my problem if you don't like me (is there really someone who doesn't like me? ;_;)

Since this year seems I'm more talkative than ever, I might do another blog in...November <.< ...maybe >.>

Btw, One Piece is cool .-.

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