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For those people who don’t even know what Catalan is (specially Canadians, I don’t know why >.>) it means “3 years with the Squirrel”. Yeah, 3 years since I made my first edition in Wikia :3

Instead of thanking all the users here like I did last year, and since this is the OP wiki, I’d like to give my opinion as a *coughstillSpanishcough* (looks at Panda ¬¬) editor about this current arc, an arc made after the 11th September demonstration. Coincidence? Of course it is, but dreaming is free T_T

So, welcome to Dressrosa, the country of love and passion, with birds singing and living toys. First we arrive in Acacia, a town with Gaudí's architecture where flamenco dancers kill their lovers after eating gazpacho and paella (notice it’s from the Valencian Country) in a casino.

Violet dancing in a stage whose name is “Una muchacha del baile”, also known as “Una chica bailando” (A girl dancing) or “Er arte de la bailaora” (The dancer’s art, in the Andalusian Spanish variant).

The Donquixote Pirates. Diamante, Trébol, Law, and Pica/Pala *coughDPcough* (the spade guy). Glad Oda decided to be the Heart Pirates and not Trafalgar Corazón =_= and let’s don’t forget Señor Pink, or was it Panther Rosa? <.<

And finally, the famous Corrida Colosseum (looks at X >.>) Seriously, Oda? It’s OK if you had to make a reference to that shitty bullfighting, but couldn’t it be the Olé Colosseum or the Torero (bullfighter) Colosseum? =_= Dirty Oda…

If after this arc you think Spain is really like this and you want to come here to dance sevillanas and see beautiful women, let me warn you that in fact this is a country with kings falling down (lol), where they waste 30.000 € (and whatever they are in $) in flags and 500.000€ in videogames, where fascists demonstrations and politicians comparing democracy to terrorism and Nazism are unpunished, and other things like this. And no, this is not a politic blog, this a “10% of the reasons of why we want independence” blog. If you think I’m being boring with this, I’m sorry, but the world has to know all these and more and I only make a blog once a year, so hold up with it.