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Hi everyone, this is my second blog. Today is my wiki joining day second anniversary :3 I...

  • THT: Piece talked O.O
  • Serena: Indeed
  • X: *pokes squirrel*
  • Piece: u.u'

As I was saying, I joined Wikia 2 years ago, I don't remember many things of that times, but I used to come to this wiki before I join. Finally, I decided to join. 2 days after, I created my first and only article I have done here. On 12th of October in that year, I joined the Catalan One Piece Wiki, so I began to have a little more experience in wikis.

Many things have happened and I have met many people. I want to use this blog to thank some users:

  • Rici: for being one of the people I have spoken most, for giving me support with the Catalan wiki and for being a good friend.
  • MJ: for being the captain of my crew and for sharing my feelings towards Spain :3
  • X: for being one of the first people to calling me Squirrel (I have to admit I like it :3) Y aprovecha esto porque son las primeras y últimas palabras en español que leerás de mi >.<
  • LPK: I can only say one thing: .-. [;)]
  • BroOk: for creating the biggest Catalan wiki and for all the other things you know :3
  • MDM: for being my best costumer in my popcorn business.
  • THT: for our fight in OP War wiki (too bad my imagination finished too earlier u.u)
  • Nacchy: for calling me Pie :3
  • Roa: for making my sign.
  • Ryu: for doing the comic, it was funny.
  • Marimo, Hungry, Panda, DP, Sff9, Sea Terror, Evan, Calu, Jaimini, Levi, Jopie, Jinbe, Tuckyd, Px15, Coffee, Serena, Hoot, Nada, Murray, Yata, NWW, Sara, Jade and all users: for being how you are.

And remember:

Els amics són com les estrelles: no sempre es veuen però sempre hi són :3 (too lazy for translate it)