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First thought on the city was pretty good and its a change of scene for ones. I'm trying to think of an anime that has a similar town or concept has that in Dressrosa.

Anyway I can't get my head around how are those toys able to walk and talk.

- My first thought that they are being controlled by DD's DF has DD aparently has strings or wires as his DF. But then how can they talk? maybe a den den inside.

- Second i thought maybe they were created by a DF user. A DF that gives "life" to something.

- After the chapter i thought maybe they are cyborg similar to Kuma. Maybe later on we'll find out that this toys are actually pretty bad ass just like the Pacifista's. And DD would use them against SH or/and the marines.

Blind guy

As for that blind guy, i think his Kaido's Subordinate. I thought he could be from Revolutionaries or a former member of the Roger but loads of people already said that so i wanted to be different. haha


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