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  • Phoenixs23

    City of Love & Toys

    March 6, 2013 by Phoenixs23

    First thought on the city was pretty good and its a change of scene for ones. I'm trying to think of an anime that has a similar town or concept has that in Dressrosa.

    Anyway I can't get my head around how are those toys able to walk and talk.

    - My first thought that they are being controlled by DD's DF has DD aparently has strings or wires as his DF. But then how can they talk? maybe a den den inside.

    - Second i thought maybe they were created by a DF user. A DF that gives "life" to something.

    - After the chapter i thought maybe they are cyborg similar to Kuma. Maybe later on we'll find out that this toys are actually pretty bad ass just like the Pacifista's. And DD would use them against SH or/and the marines.

    Blind guy

    As for that blind guy, …

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  • Phoenixs23

    okay so poll rules not allowed to make anymore poll unless everyone agrees.

    So i suggest we make a poll about "who would make the best/cute couple? Since valentines is coming i thought this would be appropriate right?

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  • Phoenixs23

    Yonko Poll

    January 30, 2013 by Phoenixs23

    Hey One Piece wiki People!! Just doing a quick poll to see other peoples opinion + i wanna see whether the result would change after we've "fully" understoon all the Yonko's

    If you want feel free to leave a reason why :)

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  • Phoenixs23

    Kaido the 100 Beast Epithet/Ability Theories

    I have 2 theories on how he got his nickname of Kaido of the 100 beasts which was revealed at the last page of Chapter 696.

    My first theory is that this nickname came from his devil fruit. It can't be a Zoan because he will an ability transform into 100 different mode or 100 different animals, I don't think that’s possible as it would make it too overpower. Therefore I think he has eaten a Paramecia DF. There are 2 fruits I can imagine or think of that he has eaten.

    1) A DF that gives him an ability to control or command animals. He then uses this power to create or command 100 animals to attack pirates or marines. However this DF only works on animals.

    2) A DF that allows him to copy or take form o…

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