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Hey there! I am PhoenixRising101 and I'm new around here. This will be my first blog.

We all know zoans are regarded as the weakest of the three types and the most boring as it only lets them transform into animals. The only interesting part in them are that they can transform into a human-hybrid form of their respective animals. Also, most of them are pretty much useless in fighting unless you know how to fight to start off with.


Chopper has eaten the Hito Hito No Mi right? Because of that, he can communicate with humans. How about the people who ate a zoan type fruit? Can they communicate with their own respective animals? Plus, chopper seems to be able to communicate with any animal, so we can say that all animals use the same language (except for fish, that's the merfolk's problem). Does that mean that the people who have a zoan ability can communicate with animals?? If that is the case, then zoans aren't as useless as we think!

Does anyone have any proof that human zoans can communicate with animals? Or does anyone have any ideas? There probably has been solid proof but I can't be bothered going through all of One Piece again..

(PS: this probably has already been discussed to death, but I'm new, so I wouldn't know XD)