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Sup ppls, heres my second (and hopefully more successful >.>) blog. Where does the One Piece world stand in technology? I mean, have they invented electricity, created cars etc etc etc. Dials seem to be its main form of tech, but what did they use before the skypea arc? Even so, they didn't even know about it before the arc, and I think it said somewhere that dials could only be found on skypea and people living on land didn't have any. So how did it get so popular on land so quickly? I mean in two years time, everyone pretty much had tone dials because of Brook's singing. Some logias can somehow create their own kind of vehicles through their powers. I've been trying to find any hints of technology and heres what I found:

  • People still seem to use flintlock pistols so guns that we have haven't been invented..I think
  • Majority of boats are sail boats, and some have paddles.
  • Back when Sanji was just introduced, the kitchen at the Baratie looked like the kitchen in restaurants we have now.
  • Phones and all that stuff are called Den-den Mushis.
  • Cannons have been invented.
  • Then theres the sea train...ON WATER...
  • The chamber which Moria kept Oars in. How did he keep it cold?
  • Bubbles....which can make you go up...and down.
  • Don Kriegs armour looks like it's pretty high tech.

There are probably heaps more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. All these point towards the times before we had the technological boom (1950s), but then theres the kitchen at the baratie and..... THE CYBORGS WHICH CAN FREAKING SHOOT LASERS FROM THEIR MOUTHS AND HANDS and threw all my opinions out the window...

Anyways, what are your ideas? Where would the world of One Piece stand in technology?