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Hey all! Phoenix here with another fun and interesting blog! ... no? T.T

Well, ignoring my previous sentence, don't you guys find it funny how most, if not all, of the Pirate King's crew have literally been obliterated from everyone's minds (save Roger and Rayleigh)? I mean, I know they're not as important as Roger and his first mate, but people should still oughta remember SOME of the crew. Well, this is just my opinion but maybe Roger ate a Devil Fruit that effects peoples' minds, hence making people forget about his crew and maybe that's how he could 'listen to the voice of all things'. Maybe he was such a powerful character that his Devil Fruit's ability lingered throughout the world even after his death.. WAIT!!! THIS BLOG ISN'T ABOUT THAT!!!

Back to the topic. What if people that belong to Roger's crew have scattered around the world and maybe, just MAYBE, we could have already met some (apart from Crocus). I mean I wouldn't be TOO surprised if at the end of the story we were revealed some familiar faces were part of Roger's crew. What do you guys think?

Well that's my un-interesting and hopefully not a complete dud of a blog.

PS, you guys know a place I could read the new Databook that has been released online? Or somewhere I could buy/borrow it?