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So....the Quake-Quake fruit...what is its true power? Once owned by the world's strongest man and is now held by one of the story's main antagonist and a very powerful figure, Blackbeard. It literally breaks the air, causing shockwaves enough to cause tsunamis miles away. Imagine that. The user can pretty much punch the sky and create an earthquake, sending a tsunami anywhere. I'm surprised that the world is not in little chunks. I mean, Blackbeard has it. How has he not taken control of the world yet??? All he needs to do is punch in the air from an island miles away from Marineford (or where ever the HQ is now) and send tsunamis the size of islands onto it. Aokiji isn't there anymore, Akainu can't do crap against it and Kizaru... Well, with one punch, he can level Marine HQ and leave WG with nothing. It can also stop projectiles..including magma!!! As far as I know, that fruit is invincible but since the world isn't in pieces, then it must have some limitations!

So, what are your opinions/ideas?