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  • PhoenixRising101

    Hey all!

    So, I created this blog to ask you guys on how do you think Devil Fruit users get their devil fruits? It's probably not very important, but do you think Oda will show us how some users get their powers? How about the guys like Aokiji, Akainu, Magellan etc etc etc? How do you think those guys got their fruits? The only people that have been shown how they got their power are Luffy, Buggy, Blackbeard, Kaku and Kalifa (sorry if I missed anyone), so do you think we will see more of this?

    What are your opinions and/or scenarios?

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  • PhoenixRising101

    Gura Gura No Mi

    March 10, 2012 by PhoenixRising101

    So....the Quake-Quake fruit...what is its true power? Once owned by the world's strongest man and is now held by one of the story's main antagonist and a very powerful figure, Blackbeard. It literally breaks the air, causing shockwaves enough to cause tsunamis miles away. Imagine that. The user can pretty much punch the sky and create an earthquake, sending a tsunami anywhere. I'm surprised that the world is not in little chunks. I mean, Blackbeard has it. How has he not taken control of the world yet??? All he needs to do is punch in the air from an island miles away from Marineford (or where ever the HQ is now) and send tsunamis the size of islands onto it. Aokiji isn't there anymore, Akainu can't do crap against it and Kizaru... Well, with on…

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  • PhoenixRising101

    Here and There

    March 6, 2012 by PhoenixRising101

    Hey all! Phoenix here with another fun and interesting blog! ... no? T.T

    Well, ignoring my previous sentence, don't you guys find it funny how most, if not all, of the Pirate King's crew have literally been obliterated from everyone's minds (save Roger and Rayleigh)? I mean, I know they're not as important as Roger and his first mate, but people should still oughta remember SOME of the crew. Well, this is just my opinion but maybe Roger ate a Devil Fruit that effects peoples' minds, hence making people forget about his crew and maybe that's how he could 'listen to the voice of all things'. Maybe he was such a powerful character that his Devil Fruit's ability lingered throughout the world even after his death.. WAIT!!! THIS BLOG ISN'T ABOUT …

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  • PhoenixRising101

    One Piece Tech

    February 25, 2012 by PhoenixRising101

    Sup ppls, heres my second (and hopefully more successful >.>) blog. Where does the One Piece world stand in technology? I mean, have they invented electricity, created cars etc etc etc. Dials seem to be its main form of tech, but what did they use before the skypea arc? Even so, they didn't even know about it before the arc, and I think it said somewhere that dials could only be found on skypea and people living on land didn't have any. So how did it get so popular on land so quickly? I mean in two years time, everyone pretty much had tone dials because of Brook's singing. Some logias can somehow create their own kind of vehicles through their powers. I've been trying to find any hints of technology and heres what I found:

    • Peo…
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  • PhoenixRising101

    Zoan Talk

    February 12, 2012 by PhoenixRising101

    Hey there! I am PhoenixRising101 and I'm new around here. This will be my first blog.

    We all know zoans are regarded as the weakest of the three types and the most boring as it only lets them transform into animals. The only interesting part in them are that they can transform into a human-hybrid form of their respective animals. Also, most of them are pretty much useless in fighting unless you know how to fight to start off with.


    Chopper has eaten the Hito Hito No Mi right? Because of that, he can communicate with humans. How about the people who ate a zoan type fruit? Can they communicate with their own respective animals? Plus, chopper seems to be able to communicate with any animal, so we can say that all animals use the same langu…

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