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    I've been following this wiki for a while, but this is my first blog post.

    So, I know there have been many theories about Kaido's and his crew's devil fruits, but here is mine.

    What if Kaido's crew have eaten lovecraftian zoan fruits, allowing them to turn to Cthulhu, Yog-Sothtoh, etc. I think that would be awesome, since it would give them great powers. 

    Also, for Kaido's fruit, I think it is a greek mythical creature with the ability to control other creatures. I do not recall his name right now.

    I know most of you will say Lovecraft's creatures are not in any myth, but Remember Kaido has built artificial devil fruits, so the lovecraftian ones may be artificial devil fruits. 

    I 'd love to hear your ideas on this theory

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