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  • Peterlv.195

    Have you noticed that in One Piece's Post-war arc, Luffy says that he was going to recruit 10 members for his crew? I don't know if he was including himself or not but, put that aside, IF he wasn't including himself that means that there's probably going to appear another character that will eventually join the crew.

    Now, would you like to dream with me on this one? Imagine that you could create the 10th member yourself. What would he be like?

    If you're planning on answering this one please follow the following guide lines (also, create your own character, don't use already existing ones):

    What is the characters name? (Can't have the D in the middle)

    What's is the back story?

    How do they meet?

    What does he / she look like (trade mark features su…

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