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Haoshoku Haki Master

Pauldin91 October 11, 2016 User blog:Pauldin91

I couldn't find another title for this post,but I believe its the most relevant ...

How can Luffy strengthen his Haki in all colors...?I believe its time ,at list at this point, to mastering his Haki usage to face his opponents ...I had this crazy idea...A master of all the three colors of Haki can temporary absorb the Devil Fruit powers of his opponents  exactly like Sea Stone/Kairusheki absorbs the power of every single df user...a master of Bushoshoku Haki can simply injure a logia user but when the user combines it with his Haoshoku, I  bet it will has the exact side effects....The idea came to me,when I was watching Luffy vs Ceasar Clown ,and Nico Robin said that eventhough he can touch him ,he can't drain his df powers....And with this Ability the User will probably can touch Kairusheki without the side effects (we saw how Boa Hankock broke Smoker's Kairousheki Sword using her Haki at Marineford ) and the disability for swimming will be eliminated....