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One Piece manga compared to the One Piece anime

Panz Fry August 7, 2013 User blog:Panz Fry

I love the manga! Oda is my fav. and the best but there are times when I think it could go a litle faster, mostly the skypiea arc that I think did'nt need to be so long.

But on The orther hand I HATE the one piece anime, all great things that happen in the manga turn into SH*T in the anime because they drag everything out so long so when it finally comes I'm like - I don't care anymore or thank you for destroying a good/great moment AGAIN!( but to give the anime a litle credit the war was great in the anime )

One can say I like the anime because I read the manga and know what is going to happen but I'm sure i would still hate even if that was not the case.

But what about you guys? What you think or is it just me that don't like the anime?

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