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  • Panz Fry

    Was Vergo a slave?

    October 13, 2013 by Panz Fry

    Since we found out that Don Quixote Doflamingo was a CD ( Celestial dragon ) and DonQ said that Vergo has been his companion for the longest time, I've been thinking that they met while DonQ was a CD and Vergo was a slave.

    My theory is that DonQ was smilar to Sabo when he was a child and something went wrong in the past that he could'nt stand, and he ended up saving vergos life but with terrible consequences, which is what DonQ was talking about when he said that only a few people have had such an unfortunate lifi as him.

    The CD's that we have seen so far would'nt hesitate to do something cruel to one of they own if they saw DonQ as someone below them.

    Can't wait to we find out what happened!

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  • Panz Fry

    I love the manga! Oda is my fav. and the best but there are times when I think it could go a litle faster, mostly the skypiea arc that I think did'nt need to be so long.

    But on The orther hand I HATE the one piece anime, all great things that happen in the manga turn into SH*T in the anime because they drag everything out so long so when it finally comes I'm like - I don't care anymore or thank you for destroying a good/great moment AGAIN!( but to give the anime a litle credit the war was great in the anime )

    One can say I like the anime because I read the manga and know what is going to happen but I'm sure i would still hate even if that was not the case.

    But what about you guys? What you think or is it just me that don't like the anime?

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  • Panz Fry

    New Bellamy

    April 17, 2013 by Panz Fry

    My first impressions of Bellamy is that he seems to be A LOT smarter and calm than he was two years ago, I'm not sure when he lost his crew. Did DonQ kill them? Did they die on the way to sky island or did they die there?

    Is also weird to see bellamy so "reasonable" i hope we get to see him more wild and crazy again during the tournament.

    Orther questions i hope to get answered is why he have admired DonQ since he was a kid, how did he get his new bounty so high now that he is "alone". One of the reasons why Luffys bounty is so high is because he is the leader of a powerful crew and is therefore a bigger thread while we have bellamy that is alone until/if he joins DonQ.

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  • Panz Fry

    The last Shichibukai

    February 27, 2013 by Panz Fry

    It have been confirmed that Buggy is a Shichibukai which means there is only one Shichibukai left that we don't know who is and there probably going to be a new one to replace Doflamingo, so far the Shichibukai have had a opposite with the exception of Mihawk and Gecko Moria.

    Law split people and buggy that splits himself.

    Hancock that immobilize people by turning into stone and Doflamingo that can control their movement.

    Kuma that repel things and Blackbeard that pull devil fruit users to him.

    Crocodile which as hes best at a dry desert and jimbei that is at his best in the water.

    So I assume that the last one we have'nt seen yet and the new one that is going to replace Doflamingo will have powers or theme that is the opposite of Mihawk and Mo…

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  • Panz Fry

    Monet mistake

    February 16, 2013 by Panz Fry

    Is seen that Monet was not a Harpy from the beginning, so it was probably Law that gave her those legs and wings with his power.

    then her powers should'nt work on those "fake bodyparts" like Crocodiles hook don't turn in to sand, it is possible she got her devil fruit powers after Law changed he body, if that is not the case this must be a mistake on Odas part.

    some will say her powers work on those because her bodyparts is "real" but her powers is in her body NOT in her soul, if it was so then Smoker should have been able to use his power in Tashigis body which he was not but Tashigi was able use Smokers powers i his body.

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