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One thing that has always bugged me about One Piece (and some other Manga/Anime as well) is that the main characters, in our case the monster trio, will always fight a specific type of enemy. Sanji will always fight the martial artist, Zoro the swordsmen and Luffy the boss (usually a df user) the others have no chance against.

From the fight against Don Krieg's armada onwards (Sanji vs Pearl and Gin; Zoro vs Mihawk; Luffy vs Krieg), this has been the case with very few exceptions (The only ones that come to mind are little garden and Thriller Bark and some fillers)

It goes so far that there are blog posts already about which SH will fight which BB and in my opinion they will be very accurate. The point/question I want to raise is, how would Sanji fight Shillew, to stay with the BB example, or Zoro Burgess/ Vasco Shot?

They couldn't and they won't, which sadly makes One Piece a bit predictable which robs some of the fun. I don't mean that I won't watch the fights, but I'd love to see things get mixed up a little.