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Ace's death at the hand of Akainu got me wondering. If all the canon logia-fruit users would fight against each other, who would win and why? A list of the canon logia-fruit users: Smoker; Ace; Crocodile; Aokiji; Enel; Blackbeard; Kizaru and Akainu. Please note that I'm simply taking the DF into account, not any weapons or possibly Haki.

My predictions are as follows:

Smoker vs. Ace = Draw; Smoker vs. Crocodile = Crocodile, because of a greater variety of attacks; Smoker vs. Aokiji = Smoker, you can't freeze smoke so he'd somehow gain the upper hand; Smoker vs. Enel = Enel, smoke conducts electricity, he's fried...; Smoker vs. Blackbeard = Blackbeard, he can simply swallow all the smoke; Smoker vs Kizaru = Kizaru is faster but it might be a draw; Smoker vs. Akainu = Akainu, if Lava can burn even Fire it sure as hell will burn smoke too.

Ace vs. Crocodile = There was a blog post about this fight, I for one think Ace would win; Ace vs. Aokiji = We've seen this one - draw; Ace vs. Enel = Fire (the process of oxidation) doesn't conduct electricity so Ace might take it, possibly a draw; Ace vs Blackbeard = another one we've seen, Blackbeard wins; Ace vs. Kizaru = I have a feeling this would be a draw; Ace vs Akainu = Ace is dead :-(

Crocodile vs Aokiji = Crocodile, sand, without any moisture in it, doesn't freeze; Crocodile vs. Enel = Crocodile, as again, sand without moisture doesn't conduct electricity; Crocodile vs. Blackbeard = Blackbeard....; Crocodile vs. Kizaru = Either Kizaru or a draw; Crocodile vs. Akainu = Lava will burn the sand

Aokiji vs. Enel = Ice conducts electricity to a certain extent so Enel will win; Aokiji vs. Blackbeard = do I even have to say? Blackbeard will win; Aokiji vs. Kizaru = I think Aokiji might take this one; Aokiji vs Akainu = The Ice would melt like a snowflake in the Sahara, Akainu would win

Enel vs. Blackbeard = Blackbeard; Enel vs Kizaru: very interesting match up, Kizaru might take it because he's that tiny bit faster; Enel vs. Akainu = Lava conducts electricity so Akainu would get fried

Blackbeard vs Kizaru = The fight that actually inspired this post, isn't light the counterpart to darkness? let me hear in the comments; Blackbeard vs. Akainu = Blackbeard

Kizaru vs. Akainu = light doesn't burn so Kizaru will take it.

Again let me hear what you think of these predictions