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Hey! The round of 16 of the Devil Fruit Super-Tournament starts now!

Previous matches:

-Winner: Doa Doa no Mi

-Winner: Pika Pika no Mi

-Winner: Gomu Gomu no Mi

-Winner: Fuwa Fuwa no Mi

Introducing the contestants:

Match 2

Hana Hana no Mi Infobox
Brook's Soul Finding His Body

  • Hana Hana no Mi: The Hana Hana no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to replicate and sprout pieces of their body multiple times from the surface of any object or living thing. "Hana" is the Japanese word for "bloom" and "flower", and reflects the nature of the user's power to sprout their body parts like a blooming flower. It was eaten by Nico Robin.
  • Yomi Yomi no Mi: I, as the creator of this lovely blog, have an announcement to make. A certain user, is forcing me to create a forum for him (which I'll totally do at some point). Since nobody puts Panda in a corner, we have to get back at him somehow, the ideal method of which I have already discovered. Vote for the Yomi Yomi no Mi. Don't disappoint me.


The poll is over the Yomi Yomi no Mi wins! (11-10)

(Votes stay open until 19:00, 03.09.2011, Only 1 Devil Fruit can advance!)

Trololololololol!  Panda Talk  17:13, August 29, 2011 (UTC)