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The day you've all been waiting for is here, the night Jinbe has had countless wet dreams about has finally arrived, the Devil Fruit Super-Tournament is finally starting:

Introducing the contestants:

  • Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Jackal: This Zoan-class Devil Fruit allows the user to transform into a full jackal or a jackal-human hybrid at will. Inu means dog, and this is one of the few Inu Inu no Mi models around. It was eaten by Chaka
  • Magu Magu no Mi: The Magu Magu no Mi is a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to become, generate, and control magma. It was eaten by Admiral Akainu.
  • Hito Hito no Mi: A Zoan type Devil Fruit that allows its user to turn into a human hybrid and a full human. In the English versions, it is called the Human-Human Fruit. It was eaten by Tony Tony Chopper.
  • Hie Hie no Mi: The Hie Hie no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit, eaten by Kuzan, who is also known as Admiral Aokiji. Its name stems from the Japanese word "hiehie", which means "chilly"
  • Bara Bara no Mi: A Paramecia type Devil Fruit that allows the user to be immune to slashing attacks and to be able to split their body apart into pieces and control the said pieces however they wish, mostly by levitating them away from the user's main body. It was eaten by Buggy
  • Choki Choki no Mi: The Choki Choki no Mi allows the user to transform parts of their body into scissors and cut solid objects as if they were paper. "Choki Choki" is the sound of scissors snipping. It was eaten by Inazuma.
  • Kage Kage no Mi:The Kage Kage no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows as a tangible physical form. "Kage" means shadow. It was eaten by the former Shichibukai member, Gekko Moriah.
  • Uma Uma no Mi:The Uma Uma no Mi allows the user to transform into a horse. "Uma" is Japanese for "horse". It was eaten by Gan Fall's bird, Pierre.
  • Pika Pika no Mi: The Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit consumed by Admiral Kizaru (real name Borsalino). "Pikapika" is an onomatopoeia of glimmering or shining light, making Borsalino the "Light Man".


(Votes stay open until 19:00, 28.07.2011, top 4 of each group advance)

The Poll is closed, the Hie Hie no Mi, Pika Pika no Mi, Choki Choki no Mi and Kage Kage no Mi advance to the next round!