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What is Big Mam?

Ok, I think this title is pretty straightforward......what exactly is Big Mam? She seems too big to be giant humna like Whitebeard, so is she a straight up giant?

Another thing: What is this tea party? Is it basically the day when Big Mam gets Fishman Island's candy and eats it? Or is she meeting someone else? The way they talk makes me suspect something else.....

So yeah, Luffy is going to war with Big Mam.....a damn Yonko. How do you think this will gonna go down? I personally think he will lose, or their battle will be put off. Seriously, a Yonko?

Fishman Island is now Luffy's!! Luffy=Whitebeard

What is Kid up to? Did they just get in his way? Or is he trying to outmatch Drake, who irritated a Yonko? And how come Big Mam isn't destroying Kid too?

Ah well, that's all I got....

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