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OK, so in the most recent chapter, Luffy tried to take out Noah and kinda failed, so Shirahoshi had to block it. Luffy then proceeded to pass out from his wounds.

Hold on a damn second.

Wounds? It was ONE BITE. I don't know how well you guys remember Arlong, but Luffy took multiple jaw bites and nose attacks from the fishman and was still up and going, even after the battle. One hit is a serious wound? What happened over the timeskip?

Anyways, the point is that I have been super disappointed with Luffy. He just hasn't shown off the same level of growth as the other Straw Hats. Haki is cool and all, but its really not that great unless you happen to be taking on a logia. Luffy has controlled his gears, but this really doesn't impress me. You don't see Zoro whipping out Asura in every single fight, do you? Yet it seems like Luffy can't go a single battle without using his gears, as shown by his taking out of the Pacifista. I think that if he really improved he woud be able to take out the Pacifista with no gears.

On a separate note, why can't Luffy utilize Soru with his regular rubber body and not only in Gear Second? It doesn't seem like it would be that hard for him.

So anyways, the point is, are you guys disappointed with Luffy or not. I thought his handling of Hody was weak, and that he could have easily done better, which he didn't. That is all.