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One Piece vs. Naruto

Like all of you, I am a huge One Piece fan, but I am also a fan of other manga, specifically Naruto. Since these are my two favorite manga, I thought it would be cool to see some of the characters fight it out. Here are some potential matchups, and my prediction of the winner:

Luffy vs. Naruto Winner: Luffy

Zoro vs. Sasuke Winner: Sasuke

Nami vs. Sakura Winner: Nami

Shanks vs. Kakashi Winner: Kakashi

Gaara vs. Sir Crocodile Winner: Sir Crocodile

Doflamingo vs. Sasori Winner: Doflamingo

Akatsuki vs. Shicibukai Winner: Akatsuki

Eleven Supernovas vs. Tailed Beasts/Jinchuriki Winner: Tailed Beasts

Five Kages vs. Admirals+Sengoku Winner: Admirals

Jinbe vs. Kisame Winner: Kisame

Orochimaru vs. Magellan Winner: Orochimaru

Blackbeard vs. Madara Uchiha: Madara

Tsunade vs. Nico Robin Winner: Robin

This is about all I could think of at the time being. If I come up with more, I might make another blog. I tried not to be biased towards either side. Please comment on who you think would win, or more potential fights. Try not to be biased towards either side.

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