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Ok, one last scientific blog, then I am done.....

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So, yeah, about Kizaru, and his Devil Fruit, the famous Pika Pika no Mi. According to its page, this fruit allows the user to transform into, control, and create light. As we have seen with Kizaru, this means shooting lasers, light speed movement, and swords made of light.

First of all, what is light? From my very basic, no-physics-class-ever knowledge, light is energy given off by chemical reactions in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The energy is absorbed in "packets" called photons. Now my question is this: are photons matter? I don't think they are, because they can still travel through a vacuum, and then what happens to the container once light is absorbed by a plant through photosynthesis (does that make sense?). So basically I think that photons are small bunches of energy that travel through space.

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So we have determined that light is not matter. Then what the hell is this? A sword of light? Did he just focus light so much that it became like a beam of heat? If that is true, it is basically a glorified lightsaber.


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Ok, if I can believe all of the other stuff, but I cannot really understand this. Kizaru shoots lasers (again, focused light with incredible heat) that blow up. What the hell? They just explode on contact? Where does this come up? My current theory is something like this: when the light hits an object, it increases ts heat so much that the solids and liquids in a object are superheated and vaporized into gas, which then expands at a rapid rate outwards, creating a sort of bomb. But this doesn't really match the pictures of the explosions, and if so, then wouldn't Hawkins and Whitebeard be pretty much goners, as their blood would vaporize?

I am probably overthinking this, as OP defies every law of physics. For example, in real life, matter and energy cannot be produced or destroyed. Logias blow that right out of the water don't they? Any theories would be helpful though.

So what do you think?

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After-note: Can he wrap light around himself and turn himself invisible?



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