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In the most recent chapter, Jinbe warned Luffy not to fight Hody. This kind of confused me, because Jinbe has seen Luffy's strength at Marineford and Impel Down, and knows that Luffy took down Arlong, another fishman who wasn't bad himself. So far, Hody Jones has seemed not that good; he needed a ridiculous amount of energy steroids to take down asingle pirate crew in his natural element, while Arlong's subordinates did it easily with just their brute strength. Hody doesn't exactly strike me as a fishman karate user either, he is more of the guy who uses brute strength to take out his opponents. So why is he so dangerous? Luffy has his haki now, he could probably beat him, even with his energy steroids, and without it is no contest.

So anyway, I thought that maybe Hody has some wierd power that is yet to be revealed, or is holding back so far. Either that, or his subordinates are also worth worrying about, and thats why he was warned aginst fighting. Jinbe obviously saw him as a threat, so he has to have something. Any thoughts?