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Favorite Supernova

Alright, I think this title is self-explanatory, I want you to judge your favorite Supernovas based off of:

1. Appearance (pre and post-timeskip).

2. Powers

3. Overall awesomeness

You can pick a different one for each category, or one overall, I don't really care. My personal favorites are......

1. Pre-timeskip: Killer - he has a pretty awesome mask, plus those scythe things are cool too.

Post-timeskip: Kid - That mechanical arm is pretty sweet, plus those scars add to his image.

2. Hawkins - voodoo dolls? I think yes.

3. Drake - dinosaur DF+awesome look post-timeskip+former marine+challenged Kaido=Awesome.

For the sake of the blog, DO NOT INCLUDE LUFFY AND ZORO IN YOUR FAVORITES. Thank you.

For reference:

[[File:Supernova_Timeskip.jpg|250px] [[File:Eleven Supernovas.jpg|250px]

Thank you for stopping by.

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