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Alright, Chapter 652 is awesome, and sunglasses seem to be all the rage in the New World.

So, as we know, Smoker and Tashigi are busy kicking pirate ass that pops up from the bottom of the sea. In addition, Tamago and Pekoms are on their way out of Fishman Island. The question is, will these two forces meet each other, and what will happen?

The way I see it, a few things could go down. Here we go:

1) Smoker will be gone by the time they pop up.

2) Tamago and Pekoms will miss them somehow.

3) The Marines will not want to start something with a Yonko, so they will let them pass.

4) Same situation as above, only G-5 and Smoker, not following orders, decide to try their luck and take them on, making a three way war (Smoker vs. Luffy vs. Big Mom). Then again, Smoker must have cleaned up his act a little bit in order to get promoted.

5) Someone will defeat someone else and Big Mom never finds out. (yet)

I personally am hoping SOMETHING will happen, as I want to see Smoker in his New World prime. Not to mention we haven't even seen Pekoms seriously fight yet.

What will happen?

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Anyways, big stuff coming up. Maybe we will find out who the damn new Shichibukai/Admirals are....