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There has been a lot of talk regarding the end of the series, so I decided to say what i think will happen.

1. Blackbeard is at the second-to-last island on the Grand Line. The Marines dont want him to go further, so they send a Buster Call (or a bunch of ships) plus and admiral. Blackbeard Pirates win, but at the last minute, the Straw Hat Pirates show up.

2. Blackbeard talks for a little bit, then sends sanjuan Wolf out to battle them. The Straw Hats hit him with a group attack and leave chopper to battle him in monster point, then battle their indivdual one-on-one fights with their blackbeard counterparts.

3. Straw Hats win, and they continue towards raftel, thinking that they have won. However, luffy knows that he will have to fight one more battle, so they get ready. they arrive at raftel and see another ship getting there as well. it is the Red-Haired Pirates

4. Luffy and Shanks reunite and talk for a while, as do Usopp and Yasopp. Luffy tries to give back the Straw Hat, but Shanks refuses, saying that Luffy must prove his crew is stronger before he can fulfill his promise. The crews begin their battle, with Luffy fighting Shanks, Zoro against benn Beckman, and so on.

Thats about it, but towards the end of the series I want to see the following things as well:

1. Straw Hats see Elbaf

2. Luffy reunites with Coby and Smoker and beats them (Coby is an admiral by then)

3.War between revolutionaries and Straw Hat Allies and WG

4. Explanation of the Will of D

Matchups for Blackbeard fights are something like

Luffy vs. Blackbeard

Zoro vs. Shiryu

Usopp vs. Van Augur

Nami vs Lafitte

Sanji vs Vasco Shot

Chopper vs Sanjuan Wolf

Robin vs Catarina Devon

Franky vs Avalo pizarro

Brook vs Jesus Burgess

Tell me what you think.