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Hi there.

I recently joined this wikia and figured that if it doesn't already have one I want to start a blog game.

This game has no name as of yet but you people of this wikia can name it to whatever you like.

And the rules of this game are as follow:

  1. The game is about determining the strenghts of different characters.
  2. There will be rounds in which I pick 3 different characters and put them against each other then you guys can vote or debate for who you want to win.
  3. All characters throughout One Piece will be used.
  4. I believe this all complies with this wikias blog rules.
  5. If at any point in time a user has a change they want to make they can.
  6. The rounds will start on friday and end the friday after wards.

An example round would be this:

Round 1 (Haki Users)

Silvers Rayleigh Vs Shanks Vs Edward Newgate

Let me know if you guys want this or not.

Round 1 (Haki Users)

The poll was created at 10:15 on March 26, 2015, and so far 6 people voted.

Now that we have both a debate and a poll let me know which one you guys want.