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[1]---- Hey guys today I am going to discuss about the top 5 one piece characters who can defeat a yonko . Yup you heard me correct top 5 peoples who have powers to beat an emperor of new world . Also, my list is based on the characters we have seen up till now.                                                                    So, we already know the names of the Four Emperor's/Yonko's who rule over the new world , they are Shanks , Charlotte Linlin , Kaido and Marshal D. Teach . Now I am going to mention the names of the characters who have the caliber to beat a Yonko.

*Sukazuki (Commonly Known by his Alias Akainu) [2] Akainu has immense powers , theres no doubt in that . He ate a Magma- Magma Devil Fruit which is a logia type devil fruit . So , why I think Akainu can defeat a Yonko ? , Its because at war of the best we saw Akainu fight toe to toe with White Beards who was also considered the strongest man in the world .Although many of you may say that White Beards was sick , and he already had several injuries before fighting Akainu . That is true but don't forget that Akainu is also the one who survived White Beards Rage , when Akainu killed Ace . White beard was furious , he used his full might against Akainu during his final moments , even after facing several devastating attacks by White Beard . Akainu was still ready to fight . Akainu even won the 10 day continues battle between him and Aokiji at Punk Hazard and was named as the new Fleet Admiral . *Monkey D . Garp  [3] He is a legend among the marines and grandfather of our dearest  captain Monkey D. Luffy . I don't think anyone needs any explanation why Garp is in this list . If you have watched the Anime or Read the Manga , then you already know that his caliber far surpasses others . At his Younger age , Garp was the only Marine who was able to fight the King of the Pirates , Gold D. Rogers . There are many back story talks ,mentioning that there were many times when he almost killed Rogers . Also During the War of the Best , when Akainu killed Ace , Garp's adopted grandchild he couldn't control his anger . He was going to kill Akainu , but Sengoku stops him . I remember Garp's Dialogue , It was "You'd better not let go of me , Sengoku...Otherwise I will kill that Damn Sakazuki " . Well that was a very bold Dialogue and I think if Sengoku hadn't stopped him , we might had got to see an Amazing battle . Garp can also use all the three types of haki , also during the battle at marineford when Luffy Used Conqueror's Haki Garp wasn't Surprised , he said that it not a surprise he has Inherited That Power.(Which further signifies that Garp can use conqueror's haki ) . There are tons of other facts that proves that he can beat a Yonko , but I think this much is enough to convince you all about what I am trying to say . *Dracule Mihawk [4] This list would suffice if I hadn't put the name of world greatest swords man . Every One Piece Fan must know that Dracule Mihawk doesn't need any proofs about he can beat a yonko or not . A Sword is considered as a pirates main weapon and Mihawk is the worlds best swordsman . Mihawk has fought many friendly duels with Shanks(one of the Yonko) and they both use swords as their weapon .Mihawk is a better swordsman than Shanks ,but Shanks has powerful haki and many other attacks . Though my point is that Mihawk has the potential to beat a Yonko. *Kong  [5] Kong is the World Government Commander-in-Chief. He was the Fleet Admiral of the Marines at the time of the Battle in Edd War twenty-seven years ago and at the time of Gol D. Roger's execution twenty-four years ago. Though his powers or character are not yet well known to others but I am sure that he is Insanely powerful and can beat a Yonko.(Its just a speculation , but since he has a higher rank than a fleet admiral , which mean he packs some serious power ) *Monkey D . Dragon [6] Monkey D. Dragon, commonly known simply as "Dragon the Revolutionary", is the father of the Straw Hat Pirates Captain Monkey D. Luffy and the son of the Marines hero Monkey D. Garp. He is the infamous leader and founder of the Revolutionary Army who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government's greatest enemy, and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world. I think dragon is the most powerful one among the others I have mentioned in my list and also he can defeat a Yonko . I cannot think of anyone who can overpower him on one on one Battle .  Visit for more Articles.