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    [1]---- Hey guys today I am going to discuss about the top 5 one piece characters who can defeat a yonko . Yup you heard me correct top 5 peoples who have powers to beat an emperor of new world . Also, my list is based on the characters we have seen up till now.                                                                    So, we already know the names of the Four Emperor's/Yonko's who rule over the new world , they are Shanks , Charlotte Linlin , Kaido and Marshal D. Teach . Now I am going to mention the names of the characters who have the caliber to beat a Yonko.

    *Sukazuki (Commonly Known by his Alias Akainu) [2] Akainu has immense powers , theres no doubt in that . He ate a Magma- Magma Devil Fruit which is a logia type devil fruit . Sā€¦

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