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Well greetings fellow One Piece fans. This is my first blog, so don't expect it to be too good. Anyway, about Kaido of the beasts ; he is a creature as we all know, who is incapable of dying. Me and my friend were talking about One Piece as usual and soon we started talking about Kaido and his powers. My friend brought up a theory for his bounty which really made sense. So i decided i would share it here in this One Piece fandom. This is how the bounty theory goes ; as we all know, Jack who is one of his right arm men is worth 1 Billion. So this legitimately will make Kaido's bounty much more than 1 Billion Beri. The theory is, that Kaido has a Bounty of more than 10 Billion Beri and in his poster there is no "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" sign, but just "WANTED DEAD" sign. Which makes sense, because the government have tried executing him 40 times but unfortunately failed everytime. I also read a theory saying that Kaido doesn't have a bounty since he is so strong and is a Yonko. If someone defeats him, the other person will automatically take his spot as a Yonko. But i disagree with this because, even Gol D.Roger got chased by marine Admiral Monkey D Garp. Which doesn't make sense, because if he didn't have a bounty and the person who defeats him gets his title as yonko (i'm pretty sure he was a Yonko before becomming the Pirate king). That means, if a Marine Admiral defeated him, he would become the yonko right? So i leave the decision to you guys. If you enjoyed this blog, please leave a comment below.