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Konichiwa, Duchess desu

I am interested in finding out how you all have been thinking/wondering/expecting an event that may occur between Luffy and Smoker. So as we have seen so far in the current arc, Smoker is in hot pursuit of Luffy. We know smoker has pretty much been trying to "catch" Luffy since Loguetown to the extent of transfering as far as the New World. Now, Smoker is aware of Luffy's location and is on to him. So my inications of the possibilities that we might see are;

1. a possible battle: If smoker can get to Luffy (i.e before Luffy goes after his Nakama after realising they have been kidnapped), a battle may unfold.

2. a possible minor face-off: I am thinking this may occur on two instances: a) Smoker may come across Luffy before leaving Punk Hazard and they get into a face-off with Luffy leaving so he can rescue the others or b) the face-off may occur after the others have been rescued, and then they see Smoker, get into it and they escape.

My main point is that, are we going to see a Luffy vs Smoker in this arc as a way to settle their unfinished battle? I wonder.....

So mina-san, please share your thoughts! I apologise in advance if this issue has been dicussed in another blog.