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In as much as i really do not like Smoker's character, he is however, one of the strong officers of the marines. Smoker definitely does not like pirates and in the case of Luffy, I think he has this obsession of wanting to capture his so bad. I mean, he requested a transfer to G-5 because he thinks he can capture Luffy at the NW. At Lougetown, he was very surprised that Luffy did not fear the execution Buggy was going to carry-out on him. If I remembered correctly, he inquiried from someone if they have ever met a pirate who was not afraid to die. Luffy's actions at Alabarsta also baffled him and he commented to Tashigi about using her own morales in defining her own meaning of "justice." These two instances are the ones that i remember vividly that may have fueled his obsession.

What i don't understand is what actually is the root of this obsession? Why Luffy and the SHs and not another pirate crew?

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