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So this has been on my mind lately and I would like everyone to comment on what they think about the issue. So as we all know, Sengoku gave his resignation to the Marines indicating that it is time for the yound ones to take over. Again, as we all know, he nominated Aokiji as his successor.

My thoughts are;

Aokiji closely watching the movements of the SHs IMO has nothing against them as long as they remain the adventurers that they are. I think he is very interested in the SHs, especially Robin and I believe that there might come a time where he may question the "justice" of the marines and WG. Being that he may begin to question if the SHs are really the villians that the marines and WG make them to be and what exactly is behind this "justice" that the marines and WG talk about. If he succeeds Sengoku, I think there might be a whole new thinking of marine ideology.... but then again, i wonder if it would turn out that way...

Your thoughts please;