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Attention: This is not a Power Blog

So far in the FI arc, we have seen Hordy display some degree strength (thanks to the steriods). More so, we have Luffy smack the crap out of Hordy. Also, from what we have seen so far, we are speculating/assuming/assured that the ultimate fight will be between Luffy and Hordy. Now to my discussion;

Hordy does not appear to be on the same level with Luffy in terms of strength and power. In fact, I am not impressed with his match-up against Luffy. I mean this is post-time skip Luffy. However, every available evidence is leading to Luffy Vs Hordy. I need your opinions, guesses, speculations regarding what Hordy might turn out to be. Are we going to see a blast of power, a turn in the events of the fight or what? Is Hordy holding back currently or is there some plan going on that the SH may not be aware of?

P.S. Let's make our blogs more interesting... Duchess is saying no posting of random thoughts that dont make sense. If you have to b e philosophical in your answer, do it... It's just to bring out the wildness of our imaginations!

Arigato, mina-san