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  • Onepieceduchess

    Hello Mina-San,

    It's Valentine's Day!!!.. Or should i say Lover's Day. Whichever you like. Based on the topic of this blog, you have to use this blog to send your shout-outs. Lovers, send should out to the one you love, the one you think you love, the one you admire, the one you wish you could get with. Stalkers are welcome to send stalk shout-outs to those they are stalking! Make a creative/conservative/wild/kinky shout out!

    Shout-outs could be done to other OP wikia members, OP characters or pretty much anyone that falls within or outside the category listed above. I'll go first as your humble blog moderator!

    I would like to make a shout-out to my love Monkey D. Luffy for being totally cool, awesome, strong and clueless. You rock Luffy!

    I wou…

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  • Onepieceduchess

    Konichiwa, Duchess desu

    I am interested in finding out how you all have been thinking/wondering/expecting an event that may occur between Luffy and Smoker. So as we have seen so far in the current arc, Smoker is in hot pursuit of Luffy. We know smoker has pretty much been trying to "catch" Luffy since Loguetown to the extent of transfering as far as the New World. Now, Smoker is aware of Luffy's location and is on to him. So my inications of the possibilities that we might see are;

    1. a possible battle: If smoker can get to Luffy (i.e before Luffy goes after his Nakama after realising they have been kidnapped), a battle may unfold.

    2. a possible minor face-off: I am thinking this may occur on two instances: a) Smoker may come across Luffy bef…

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  • Onepieceduchess

    Hello all, the duchess is at it again. So my love for Luffy keeps growing and I thought, why don't we all list our priceless moments of OP. I will borrow the MasterCard theme to begin mine but this has to be done in any creative way you can think of. The main purpose is to give people something to laugh about, ponder about, wonder about.... So here goes;

    Used Cell Biology Textbook $132

    Bare Minerals Medium Coverage Foundation $40'

    Luffy's facial apperance when McKinley and Pagaya exchanged Heso: Priceless!

    So OP Fans, give your best shot... Fight Oh!

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  • Onepieceduchess

    New SH ally?

    February 6, 2012 by Onepieceduchess

    Konichiwa Mina-san,

    Feels like forever since I wrote a blog! So per the title, i have this theory that has been in my head since i left my OP Lovers Cafe last weekend. Aokiji left the marines after losing to Akainu rather than serving under him. So my conspiratory theory...

    The SHs and Aokiji are going to meet somewhere in the New World. May be the SHs may come in contact with a island or country being neglected by the marines and/or WG. Aokiji will lend a hand to the SHs or vice-versa and will end up becoming an ally. I don't think i put it well in writing but my point is there is a very possible chance that he may become an ally of the SHs.

    Your comments please;

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  • Onepieceduchess

    Long Time no word

    October 12, 2011 by Onepieceduchess

    Hello Mina-san,

    Gosh, it's been tooooo long since i blogged/chated/been on the forum. I miss all my OP peeps. School been kickin butt so i hav pretty much been studying/doing homework/studying/doing homework. I havent even read the last 4 chapters of the manga (OMG! I wonder if Oda will still believe my loyalty). Just checking in to say i miss y'all n i'm working on better time management so i can have time for the things i love (i.e OP)


    Duchess Rules!!!

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