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After seeing how the plot develops in the new world, I got this feeling on how the Next arc would look like. Ok this is not what I think is gonna happen at the end of OP but it is my prediction of the war arc in the near future

Pirate Alliance vs Kaidou Pirates (or whatever the name is)

Pirate Alliance:                               

Strawhat Pirates

Heart Pirates

(prediction) Bartholomeo Pirates

- I prefer Bartholomeo as an Ally of Luffy rather than an enemy

(prediction) Caribou Pirates

- I just don't see Caribou as a villain for so long and besides he is already on a war with Kaidou's men.

(prediction) Drake Pirates

- He is already on war with Kaidou the last time we saw him

(prediction) Fallen Monk Pirates

- I don't know just to have more men I guess

(prediction) Country of Wanokuni

- I know they are not a pirate crew but they could get involve because of Kinemon and Momonosuke

(prediction) Fishman Island / Sun Pirates

- I know Sun Pirates is still part of Big Mum pirates either they coud detach soon or Big mum will let them since Big Mum pirates will benefit in the end if Kaidou was defeated. Also Fishman Island can also get involve since they most likely be a Strawhat's territory.

(Prediction) Crocodile's crew and Gecko Moria's Crew

- Well Moria got a score to settle with Kaidou and Crocodile can battle Doflamingo. Crocodile has been allied with Luffy in the past.

The Yonko Kaidou

Kaidou's Crew

- Just imagine Whitebeard pirates crew but instead of whitebeard as a captian we got Kaidou. Add to that the Artificial Zoan devil fruit users

Kaidou's allies

- He must have plenty of Allied Pirates as well let's just say as many as Whitebeards

Kaidou's conquered Territories

- Well they have to provide support whether they like it or not. Also he is expected to have many territories

Donquixote Pirates

- Well he is an affiliate of Kaidou so it make sense he could either get involve or act as a support

(Prediction) Beautiful Pirates

- Well maybe Cavendish is so hell bent on destroying the supernova of the worst generation he will team up with Kaidou to fight Luffy, Zorro, Law, Drake and Uroge

So what do you think?