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Oda has done it time and time again, at least for me i couldn't predict anything that has happened so far, and i am starting to second guess myself if he is going to put a fishman in the crew, during the whitebeard arc i thought it was going to be same old one piece with a happy ending sorta like when they saved robin, turns out ace dies. shanks straw hat turns out to be gold rogers, kuma ends up protecting the sunny. all these unpredictable things are the reason why i love one piece so much just when you think u know what is going to happen oda does something else. i mean everybody thought that the fake straw hats should get beaten up by the real ones it turns out that sentoumaru handles that in one page smh. what predictions do yall think yall have made has been used or oda will definetly let us see. i mean with oda's mind set to creating one piece who knows what one piece is really is.