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Doflamingo True identity

Is Doflamingo gay or transvetyke or something because as i was looking through coribous page i stumbed on laughter style , and that caribou has a unique laughing style and so does everyone on onepiece well some of them, it is seen that or it should be noted that Robin and Boa Hancock laughing style of Fufufufufufu is a common japanese style used for women in anime and manga. so i was looking at all the different laughing styles of the characters and i seen Emporio ivankov laughing the same way and it makes sense because he is an okama, but why is doflamingo laughing like that is he an okama, a metrosexual. it would make sense to the way he acts like crossing his legs and his flambouyant style of dressing maybe he is a metrosexual or an okama. Laughter Style click on the link to see what i am talking about, its interesting

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